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Joint Relief Ritual

Inspired by Islamic Wisdom, Powered by Nature and Backed by Science

During the Islamic Golden Ages, from the 8th to the 15th century, scholars such as Al Razi & Ibn Sina (the Fathers of Medicine) gathered knowledge from across the world to build libraries of remedies to heal with natures elements. Setting the stage for modern science as we know it today. We are reviving these rituals and handpicking the most effective ones for you.

Golden Blend

1. Grab a cup full of your milk (preferably dairy-free, coconut milk is the best)

2. Heat up the milk in a pot, then once warm (not boiling) - add one spoon of your Golden Blend.

3. Mix well until fully dissolved in the milk.

4. Pour the milk in a cup.

Blessed Oils Blend

1. Place your unique blend of relief oils in a place where it will be ready for you soon as you get home from work or a day out.

2. Every day, place a handful of the oils in your hand and massage the area that is most painful.

Herbal Compression Ball

You've now practiced self-care once in the morning and once in afternoon. Let's cap it off with a relaxing your muscles and joints in the evening.Use the herbal compression ball when you prepare to wind down to sleep.

1. Steam the herbal ball for 3-5 mins. Do so by placing it in a sieve on top of a boiling pot of water.


2. Place a few drops of water on the bottom of the ball and microwave it for 30s.


  • Powered by Nature

    Harness natures healing powers by finding the best natural ingredients and work with the best suppliers. Organic certified and 100% toxins free. Start being gentle to your body today.

  • Backed by Science

    Science is now backing 1000 year old wisdom, validating the effectivness, efficiency and relief. We keep up with every research paper - so you don't have to.

  • Inspired by Islamic Wisdom

    Ancient Remedies have been passed down for generations in the Arab World and have stood the test of time. Islamic/Arab Medicine is the core of all our rituals to help you heal yourself through nature.